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Test Bench for the Majik Box Rocket Fuel
By Pascal Vigne - December 16, 2010

In this test, I will talk about the Doug Aldrich Rocket Fuel from Majik Box.The American Brand knocks out with this boost/overdrive in this pure traditional shop and even more. An enormous pedal! (or as we would say: Kick ass!)

Public Price: 289 euros

The up- side:
A killer sound that kill!

The down-side:
Nothing, it is perfect (and not too expensive)

Video content translation:

Majik Box “ Doug Aldrich”

Hi, in today’s test bench, I am gonna talk to you about the signature pedal Doug Aldrich from Majik Box. It’s a pedal that is called Rocket Fuel and that is a boost for the amplifier, for the crunch channel of the amp. It’s a pedal with two channel and I am going to take you on a ride with the beast right now. But I am warning you right now, I went completely nuts!


Here is the pedal on the screen, we have many controls available. To start with, we have the two channels activated with the foot (foot switch) one switch on the left and the other to the right.

On the right is the overdrive, and on the left is the boost. Controlled by the blue button on the top of the pedal.

We see at the center, the Bass Shift switch that will allow us to change the response of the pedal for lower frequencies.

What is really interesting with this pedal, and we will see it later in the audio samples, is the possibility to work with either the boost channel only, or the overdrive channel only or combination of both.

And with all the controls that are available; either the Boost, to the top right blue button or the Drive button, completely to the right, and the combination of the out Level, the Tone and the Bass Shift we come to plenty of available sonority.

Note that we have one job for each channel. The one to the left is for the Boost and the left for the Overdrive. The two of them lights up together if we use both channel.

You can now see the pedal from the side, we have a connecting input on the right, and the output to the left obviously, and so the possibility to a 9 volt outlet connection on the top. And for the bottom there is nothing extraordinary about it, it is simply the frame of the pedal.

We are now going to the sonority. I recorded for you many sounds for that.

Note that the main differences between the two channels are in fact that the Boost channel has a more Strat sound, in the idea. Works a little more in the medium that is really, really pleasant.

The channel Overdrive for himself is offering a sound that is a lot more round.

And the combination of the two, we really have the best of both, the sound quality of this pedal is really, simply hallucinating.

I am going to let you hear it right now.

In the first sound test I am using the Overdrive channel only.

In the second I am using the Boost channel only.

In the third I am using both sound together.

Note that every time I tried to work to have a response in (lower or) Bass sound, I think it really depend of the amp that you use, so we need to compensate more or less with the loss in the Bass sound at this level.

I used only this pedal in overdrive configurations on the amp, so as a boost, this is how Doug Aldrich is using it as well, and so I am going to let you hear it right now.

Sound 1
Amp saturates + Overdrive

Sound 2
Amp saturates + Boost

Sound 3
Amp saturates + Overdrive # Boost

Sound 4
Amp saturates + Overdrive # Boost

-Killer sound that kill!

-Nothing, I love it!


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