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Bipolar Fuzz

- Two distinct and discrete fuzz voices - An insane, over the top fuzz, and a smoother, more musical fuzz in one box.
-Lo-Fi switch for additional sputtering and burping.
-True Bypass

Fuzz. It comes in different flavors, but we wanted to create the best fuzz ever. Really what that meant to us, was having more than one fuzz circuit in a single box. It was really important for us to have a truly useable and musical fuzz, so we could play all the classic fuzz laden tunes, but it was also important for us to have a fuzz that was all out nuts, for the sonic adventurer in all of us. We accomplished this with the Bipolar Fuzz. With help from Munky of Korn in fine tuning the sounds to achieve the best from each, we feel that we created the ultimate fuzz - one with two distinct personalities, therefore the name Bipolar Fuzz.


• Bipolar Fuzz - BP-1

Direct Price - $269.99 (List Price - $369.99) *


Paul Gilbert Fuzz UniverseFuzz Universe

-Specialized overdrive and boost in one box - Individual on / off footswitches
- Custom taper tone control for easy access to all of Paul’s favorite overdrive tones.
-Paul’s preferred bass cut off frequency, optimized for pure shred.
-True Bypass

Many of you have heard the Fuzz Universe in action on Paul’s recent clinic tour – but for those who haven’t, check out Paul’s new release of the same name. Throughout the CD, Paul used a Venom Boost and a modified Body Blow. All the overdriven and boosted tones you hear on the CD are the result of Paul’s use of these pedals.

Paul suggested taking the tone recipe used in the modification of his personal Body Blow, further changing the tone pot taper, adding the Venom Boost circuit in the same box and creating the Fuzz Universe pedal. What a great idea! If you were looking for an overdrive / boost for killer rhythm tones and ultimate shredability, look no further!

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• Paul Gilbert Fuzz Universe - FU-2

Direct Price - $289.99 (List Price - $399.99) *


-Specialized overdrive and boost in one box - Individual on / off footswitches
- Custom taper tone control for easy access to all of Paul’s favorite overdrive tones.
-Paul’s preferred bass cut off frequency, optimized for pure shred.
-True Bypass
- Quiet Click relay switching, a new circuit allowing for nearly silent footswitch operation while retaining True Bypass circuitry
-The addition of studio grade Carling footswitches
-A new white texture powder-coated, aluminum chassis and label designed by Paul.

Designed in cooperation with Paul Gilbert, the original Fuzz Universe remains one of Majik Box’s best selling pedals. After two years of rugged touring and countless recordings with the Fuzz Universe, Paul suggested some new features to be added in creation of a flagship Fuzz Universe Custom.

As Seen In Vintage Guitar Magazine

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• Paul Gilbert Fuzz Universe Custom - FU-2C

Direct Price - $329.99 (List Price - $449.99) *



-Specialized Distortion that allows for several distinctive tones. The main tone is a thick, heavy distortion that evokes the quintessential Korn guitar sound. This pedal allows you to wring this iconic tone out of nearly any amp, The second tone is a lo-fi tone that is thin, and slightly broken sounding. This is a tone that Munky uses on intros and breakdowns of many Korn songs.
-Custom focus knob that greatly alters the mid-range characteristic of the pedal. This knob allows you to dial in a wide range of distortion tones, and allows you to adjust the mid-range perfectly for 6, 7 and 8 string guitars.
-True Bypass

You don't have to be a Korn fan to appreciate the range of applications that the Krush Distortion is built for. This pedal allows you to dial in a heavy, focused distortion out of just about any amp, for nearly any type of hard rock or metal situation. Of course, using Munky's suggested settings make dialing in the signature Korn tone a breeze. Also, the lo-fi distortion setting that Munky suggests provides a unique alternative sound that Munky himself uses every night on the road.

With Munky's help, we think that we've developed the perfect distortion pedal for today's music. Once you plug in, we think you'll agree.


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• Krush Distortion - KD-1

Direct Price - $239.99 (List Price - $329.99) *


Rocket Fuel

-Specially tuned overdrive and boost in one box - Individual on / off footswitches
- 3 way bass shift switch to dial in the right amount of bass for your rig.
-True Bypass
-Ultra bright white and yellow LEDs

It was a tall order. Make a box that could replace a vintage boost / eq unit that had been in Doug’s rack for most of his career. The idea was to have a carefully tuned overdrive that would produce the harmonic richness, and midrange punch and carefully tailored low end that Doug sought, coupled with a very special boost section. The two sections we’re designed to be used both separately and in series (the way Doug normally uses the pedal). After nearly two years of R&D, (Doug used early versions on some parts of Whitesnake’s Good to Be Bad CD) we’ve delivered a box that meet all of Doug’s exacting specifications. Hear the Rocket Fuel yourself on tour with Doug and Whitesnake when they come to your town.


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• Doug Aldrich Rocket Fuel -RF-1

Direct Price - $289.99 (List Price - $399.99) *


Doug Aldrich Rocket Fuel LTD 5Rocket Fuel

-Specially tuned overdrive + boost
-3- way bass shift switch
-True Bypass Operation
-Certificate of Authenticity included
-Exclusive set of commemorative guitar picks included

It's hard to believe, but it's been five years since the introduction of the venerable Doug Aldrich Rocket Fuel. We chose to celebrate this anniversary by offering a special limited anniversary edition version of the pedal (yes, the guts are identical to the RF-1) with an anodized treatment that we originally developed together with a local hot rod shop for the long sold out RF-1 Ltd. This time, we went back to the shop and concocted a truly unique finish that we've named Atmospheric Blue.

This special process conforms to the Mil-A-8625, ASTM , Military and Automotive Standards, is super durable and above all, looks amazing. We will be offering only 250 of these limited edition pedals worldwide. Each Rocket Fuel 5th Anniversary Edition pedal will come with a Certificate of Authenticity signed and numbered by Doug . The package will also include a pick bag featuring an exclusive set of guitar picks designed by Doug and Majik Box specifically for this package.

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• Rocket Fuel LTD. 5th Anniversary Edition

Direct Price - $349.99 (List Price - $479.99) *




Filthy LucreBody Blow

-A full complement of controls including providing amp-like manipulation of gain and tone.
-Authentic modded tube amp tone and feel.
-True Bypass Operation.

Offering a multitude of juicy distortion tones, inspired by the modification work of legendary amp mod expert Jose Arredondo, the Filthy Lucre is not only a distortion pedal meant to be used in front of the clean setting of any amp, but can also be used as a dedicated preamp in conjunction with the power section of an amp, or a connected to a dedicated power amp.


• Filthy Lucre - FL-1

Direct Price - $239.99 (List Price - $329.99) *


Body BlowBody Blow

-Two distinct modes of clipping: LED for a more modern OD sound, and Diode for a vintage overdrive tone
-Body switch for added bass response
-Burr Brown Opamp used for optimal clarity and punch
-Ultra bright white LED
-True Bypass

All Samples recorded with various guitars through a Marshall 1959 SLP Plexi reissuethrough a Marshall 1960A 4x12 cabinet. Mic used was a Shure SM57 recorded through a Vintech X73 mic pre with no EQ.


• Body Blow -BB-1

Direct Price - $239.99 (List Price - $329.99) *


Body Blow Jake E Lee ModBody Blow

-Specially modded Body Blow circuit with a special EQ curve and ultra-rich tonality sculpted specifically for Jake
-Extended mid-range response; perfect for thickening up solos.
-True Bypass Operation

Never truly happy with any overdrive pedal in his arsenal, Jake and his tech Scott Bell asked Majik Box to modify the Majik Box Body Blow overdrive to Jake's exacting specs. The key idea behind this mod was to give the Body Blow more "bark and grunt" for his solos. And although the standard Body Blow has a significant amount of mid-range in its palette, Jake was looking for a mod to the pedal that would take his usual Strat bridge humbucker into an even more low-mid-range focused P-90 pickup territory, in addition to adding a nice dollop of gain.

After several iterations, we finally achieved this goal and developed a mod that truly gave the Body Blow a totally new character.


• Body Blow - Jake E Lee Mod -BB-JEL1

Direct Price - $239.99 (List Price - $329.99) *


Venom BoostVenom Boost

-Clean, low noise operation
-Small footprint – takes up very little space on a pedalboard
-True Bypass
-Ultra bright white LEDThe ultimate clean boost. Simple one knob operation, allowing you to take your favorite tone and making it louder and bigger for solos or when you simply want to feature your guitar in certain parts of asong. It doesn’t change your sound, muddy up the low end or produce excessive distortion like someother so called clean boost pedals. Some players keep it on all the time, making the Viper Boost a key part of their sound creation.

All samples played by Takeshi Akimoto and recorded with either a Tyler Strat or Gibson Les Paul through a Fender Pro Junior, and a Majik Box Body Blow set for a very light crunch sound.  For each sound sample, the first riff is played without the VB-1 and the second riff is with the VB-1 switched on.  Mic used was a Shure SM57 recorded through an API 512 mic pre with no EQ.

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Direct Price - $179.99 (List Price - $249.99) *


Micro BuffMicro Buff

-Minimal coloration, unlike most FET buffers.
-Ultra bright white LED
-AC powered only (no battery operation)
-Compact size; will fit on any size pedal board
-Long cables, and a lengthy chain of pedals will no longer dull your tone.
-Indispensable in front of modeling amps and processors. Will make your modeled sounds come alive!

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Direct Price - $129.99 (List Price - $179.99) *


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